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Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are usually the best option for moving heavy products between different levels. This lift has a loading capacity of 10 tons using a hydraulic system.

دستگاه هونینگ

Honing machine

The RAHAVARD honing machine ,with special tooling and abrasives ,is the solution for the duty-heavy yet precise demands of the oil industry and any industry that requires precise honing of long parts

Horizontal wheelset press

Wheelset Presses are able to mount and dismount all of the elements on the train axle including wheels, brake discs, and gears. Our large range of products can satisfy many customer requirements in both maintenances are manufacturing

Train wheel bandage press

Wheels which have replaceable types are fitted with a retaining ring, which secures the type to the wheel center. The ring fixing machine both rolls and applies a load to the lip of the type to lock the retaining ring in position.

Train Wheel Cladding

in order to accelerate the repair of damaged wheels of trains and other rail industries, the company has been designing and manufacturing a semi-automatic device that can weld the damaged wheels as soon as possible without damaging other parts.

دستگاه جوش دروازه ای

Bridge gantry welding

This machine can be used for quick and high-quality welding of sheet metal, metal boxes, and metal structures. which is increased by this welding machine as well as the speed of production

H Beam Straightener Machine

in the production of steel structures, H and beams produced by the welding process suffer from distortion. Therefore to make straight, smooth, and standard shapes, H beam straightener will be used after welding

دستگاه گرداننده H

Box Rotator

RSACO Equipment has developed a unique material handling solution to the age-old problem of positioning and turning structural steel beams and products. A major advantage of the ARSACO rotator is the substantially increased safety of employees by eliminating the need for overhead cranes and sling...

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